Vicious Attack

Vicious Attack is an extreme metal band from Chicago Illinois. Combining elements of thrash and death metal, they've made a name for themselves throughout the Midwest with their ferocious live show. Vicious Attack have had the opportunity to share the stage with some of the biggest names in extreme metal: Exmortus, D.R.I., Havok, and many others.

2020 saw the band take on their most ambitious undertaking to date. With Dan Klein of Iron Hand Audio once again behind the desk, Vicious Attack entered the studio to record their first full length album, Declaration Of War. This release showcases the bands maturing sound, adding complex songwriting chops and discordant melodic passages, while losing none of their trademark metallic edge. 


Declaration Of War was released on April 10th, 2021

Alex Rodriguez: Vocals 
Kevin Connerty: Guitar 
Michael Maskas: Guitar 
John Leonard: Bass 
Fabian Arroyo: Drums 


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Illinois Entertainer: Around Hear: July 2010
Vicious Attack packs an incredible amount of destruction into its four-song EP, Blade Of The Reaper. “Vicious Attack” and the title track borrow heavily from Reign In Blood-era Slayer with David Correa’s clipped, staccato cadence closely mimicking Tom Araya, as rolling drum fills and insistent snare blasts anchor palm-muted, lightning riffing. A sliver of metallic-hardcore seeps in with shouted gang vocals highlighting the bloody carnage in “Infestation,” but VA’s primary purpose is to bludgeon you into submission with an unrelenting thrash assault. Mission accomplished, boys. 
— Patrick Conlan

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